Where are the places to configure static IP on Nebula Access Points?

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Where are the places to configure static IP on Nebula Access Points? 

To configure static IP on NAPs,  there are a few places and methods for you to do so.

Local configuration
Here are some ways to configure static IP under LAN

1. Web GUI
You can access the NAP web GUI by typing the IP of the NAP(If DHCP server exist in the network), or by the default IP . 
The default account and password are admin/1234
Find the gear icon on the left and in this page you will be able to configure static IP and VLAN 

2. ZON Utility
You can download Zyxel ONE Network Utility from our official website to configure the static IP locally.
DL link:Zyxel ONE Network Utility
After installing, open the application and checkbox the device and press the top left button for configuration.
It will require you to type admin password, which the default is 1234 if not yet registered to NCC.

Through Nebula Control Center
If your device is already online and wish to configure, go to AP page > select an AP and click the edit button of the status frame.

Should you now be able to configure Static IP through multiple ways.
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