Do I need to pay for Twonky Media Server

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I have a home setup which uses a NAS326 with the supplied Twonky Media server on it  to allow me to to play the music stored on the NAS throughout my house and I have been paying a minimal amount to Twonky for this facility. As I am only using my NAS for this facility do I need to pay Twonky? or am I wasting my money? My P.C. is running Windows 10 so I am not able to access Twonky any more on it. Has anyone any suggestions, polite only please..     


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  • Edwardc
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    Using NAS326, you don't pay to Twonky.
    What kind of the problem you encountered?

    And can you explain more detail about "My P.C. is running Windows 10 so I am not able to access Twonky any more on it."? Is there any screenshots?
  • EichmannCharity

    You need to set two controls in the Dashboard:

    1. Use the Shares|Public|Share Profile|Media Serving control in the Dashboard to enable media serving on the Public share (or whichever share(s) you have stored your media on).

    2. Use the Settings|Media|DLNA Media Server|Media Streaming control in the Dashboard to turn on the Twonky Media Server.

    The Twonky server will now start scanning for media klingeltöne kostenlos, and build its database.

  • EichmannCharity
    No. You don't have to pay for it

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