Multimedia player for .mp3 on the NSA310s

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Hello, community.
I`ve exploring my "new" 310s and I`ve stucked on the multimedia. The idea is, that if it is possible, want to stream .mp3 files without need to download it. Should I try some browser add-on like WMP or VLC? I`ve tried both, but nothing comes out of it. How can I listen my music via streaming, without download any file I want to listen.


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    Enable Twonky server and published the shared folder which stored music (*.mp3) files.
    Then, you should able to listen music from NAS via Windows Media Player in the same network.

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  • stefan4o
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    Thanks for the info. But what about if I`m in the another network. Let`s say I`m on vacation, and took my notebook and want to listen my music 200 miles away from my 310s?
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    If I were you I would like to listen music via Spotify, YouTube ... or other live stream, when I'm in outside. Because NSA310s is a old product and it does not support WebDAV service, it would be hard for reached your needs via easy steps.
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