Can't access SMB on NAS326 using windows 10

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This is really frustrating, I have enabled SMB 1.0 in windows 10 but i'm still unable to access it.

\\server\path\ - Invalid (request times out)
ip/path/ - Invalid (request times out)

I can see the device as a network device and confirm it's IP. 
Accessing it through as a network location in "this pc" only presents me with 3 folders; Photos, Videos, Music. The folder I need to access is named "Shard" and it is not listed.

I can use the share just fine on Android v5 and above as well as Windows 8.1 

Is there any way to fix this?

Edit Firmware is V5.21(AAZF.5)


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    Try to clean the authority cache, I think you were login as guest account before.
    And guest account doesn't has "Shard" access right.

    Open Command Prompt, type cmd at Windows search page.

    And then type net use * /delete to flash login history. After that, try again.

    Or you can try to "Map network drive" on Windows 10 PC.

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