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Can somebody please help me.  I have received a message to say that I need to update the firmware on my Multy X.  I have download the update and it is a .bin file.  How do I use this file to update the firmware, please?  Thanks! 



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    Dear Sir,

    Please click the notification when you received the message on your Phone. Then it will lead to the information page of Mutly App, and ask you to click the Upgrade button to run the online firmware upgrade for your Multy system.

    If you accidentally swiped the notification, please access your Multy App, follow the below steps to upgrade the firmware.

    Multy App >> Menu Bar >> information >> "Upgrade"

    Best Regards,
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    Hi Eric.  Thanks for that.  However, for some reason the app doesn't detect that my Multy is already set up and working fine.  It keeps wanting me to install the Multy, which I don't want to do in case it stops it working.  When things are working well, I tend to leave well alone.  Hence me hoping to use the .bin file.  Zyxel lets you download it, so surely there is a way to use it?  Thanks for your help.  Alan 
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    Hi Eric.  Me again.  The problem was that I had not logged in on the app.  Duh!  When I did, it recognised my Multy.  Now upgraded and all OK.  Thanks again.  Alan

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