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Hi :)

My Router is equipped with a 10GbE RJ45 (copper) port.
I am currently looking for an affordable switch with the following characteristics:
 - 2x 10GbE ports (one to connect to the router, one for a potential 10GB client machine).
 - 6 or more gigabit ports (each capable of the full gigabit in parallel, no shared bandwidth).

I found the following which is affordable and looks promising:
However, the 10GbE ports are SFP+ and I am not familiar with those.
AFAIU there are SFP+ to RJ45 adapters available (although quite expensive), but would it be possible to use such adapters on these 2 ports?
 - They are described as "two 10 Gigabit SFP+ uplink ports". Does that mean that I couldn't connect a client machine to one of the 10GbE ports? The application diagram on the datasheet does show a workstation and a NAS connected to these ports, though...
 - The 10GbE ports are "fiber optics" apparently. Does that mean I cannot connect RJ45 (copper) devices to them? Are there any adapters that could do that at all?

 - Now, for the 8 gigabit ports, it is mentioned "XGS1010-12 comes with two high-priority and two medium priority ports, which provides considerably enhanced download quality while bandwidth priority settings give you a better surfing, gaming, and streaming experience". This is scary. dies that mean not all the gigabit ports are capable of the full gigabit simultaneously?

Let me also know if you think a different model of switch could be better suited for my needs.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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