NAS326 data corruption

The NAS326 is silently corrupting data transferred to it. Mostly large files or backups. Sometimes it freezes during transfer, sometimes it just silently corrupts the data.
I saw there are other post about this problem, but it doesn't seem to have a solution. Is there a firmware to fix this problem?
As there is no purpose of keep using the NAS326 as the data saved to it is not reliable at all!

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  • HillHill Member Posts: 143  Ally Member
    edited February 23, 2021 7:05PM
    Do you transfer many files at once, or transfer a single big file? 
    Does the NAS 326 also freeze when transferring the data from NAS?

  • Hi, it happens while it is writing to the NAS. I received an answer from Zyxel support and they were able to reproduce the problem and acknowledged it.
    Unfortunately, they told me they will not fix it as the product is at end of life. So this is to warn everyone who uses the NAS326 to store backups or value files: Your files will be silently corrupted! So do not rely on NAS326 for primary backup or storage purposes. 
  • MijzelfMijzelf Member Posts: 1,505  Guru Member
    Did ZyXEL tell what causes the problem?
  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, no... Zyxel didn't disclose the cause of the problem. They just told me the NAS326 is at end of life and they will not fix it.

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