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I have an RAID 1 configured by using two 1TB disks. The NAS542 comes with 4 bays. So my question is what makes more sense:

1. Buy two disks a' 1TB and place it into the 2 empty bays. Can I increase the existing RAID 1 Volume to
double the capacity from 1TB to 2TB?


2. Buy two disks a 4TB for example install the disks within the empty bays and migrate from the existing RAID 1 volume (1TB) to the new one (4TB). Is that possible so far and how would that work?


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    1. it is doable, but you need to replace one by one and wait for resync process done to replace another one.
    2. it is easier than 1., create the new volume and create a new folder on this volume, then move all file from old folder to new folder through file browser in web GUI.
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    @ljnrsi: tnx for the comment, regarding point 1:
    Can I expand an existing RAID 1 leaving the existing 1TB disks untouched like this way:

    Current 1TB RAID 1:
    Slot  1 2 3 4
    Disk 1 1 x x

    Slot  1 2 3 4
    Disk 1 1 2 2
    ... expand the volume to 4x1TB (smallest capacity of disk), that expands the entire volume to 2TB. Or is that not possible? Found the following manual remark:

    Chapter, Table 16

    Expand the volume by adding disk(s)

    Select this to add one or more disks to a JBOD, RAID 1 or RAID 5 volume. You can add a disk to increase an array’s capacity or to use as a hot-spare (standby). When you add a disk to an existing array, you do not have to re-create shares, access rights and so on as you would if you create a new volume.

    Note: This option is available when a disk has not been allocated to any volume or disk group yet.

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