Static IP for Multy Plus in Bridge Mode?

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Is it possible to assign a static IP address to the Multy Plus (WSQ60) whilst the device is in Bridge/AP mode?

I managed to achieve this during the inital set-up of the primary device (I have 3 WSQ60's in my current configurartion) in router mode, which then carried over when the mode was chnaged to Bridge mode.  However, I then needed to change the static IP to another address and I now just get presented with a range and my IP changes aren't saved, despite the device telling me that my changes have been saved.

My Billion 7800DX handles all DHCP allocation and I have a reserved range from - 35 and ideally wanted to assign each Multy a static address from the end of this range 33, 34 and 35 respectively.



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    Hi Skoobaskunk,

    If your WSQ60 is bridge mode, you should able to assign the specified IP address to it from upper layer router. I checked User Manual of BiPAC 7800DX(L), it has the feature of Static IP.

    For my NBG6817 router, it has Static DHCP feature which I can set the specified IP address to the specified device.

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    Thanks for taking the time to provide such a detailed response, but unfortunately this did not work for me.
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    Correction Hanamichi this worked, just took a while to release the DHCP assigned address and replace it withe static IP.  Thank you so much :)