My Multy X changed LAN IP to 10.0.0.*, How can I get it back to 192.168.212.* ?

Mosvold Posts: 6  Freshman Member
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My whole networks is now messed up with incorrect IP adresses. I have many static IP that is not working anymore.
I have tried restarting many times..
How can I get it back to 192.168.212.* without a total reset?


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  • PeterK
    PeterK Posts: 38  Freshman Member
    edited May 2020
    As I know, the only way to set the IP back is reset to default, and install the system again.
    Multy will set the IP back to after the reset.
    seems there is something that causes the IP conflict with the Multy ip subnet(, and changes its IP subnet.

  • Mosvold
    Mosvold Posts: 6  Freshman Member
    Update. I couldn't wait so I did a reset.
    What is interesting to note is when I changed the DNS server on the Multi X from default to custom and added local DNS ( instead. Then the LAN IP changed to 10.0.0.x. When I change back to default it still is 10.*
    Now I know what happened, but dont know why or how to avoid it..
    A bug in using custom dns? 
    Any idea?
  • Mosvold
    Mosvold Posts: 6  Freshman Member
    Thanks, That was what I saw and I also moved the DNS to WAN side. Not ideal, but works.
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