NAS326 UPnP not working

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Hello everyone. I just bought NAS326 and wanted to set up remote access. I  synced the NAS with my PC, downloaded myzyxelcloud, updated the firmware, registered an account, set up DDNS but I am for some reason unable to set up UPnP. I checked my router settings, UPnP is enabled. I am not sure what to do. I have tried doing some port forwarding but it got me nowhere


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  • Dash
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    From your last screenshot, it seems your NAS had once connected but not for now.

    You may check if your NAS can reach the internet (check GW, DNS setting).
    Use Network diagnosis to ping out, Control Panel > TCP/IP > Network Diagnosis.

    Rebooting the device probably helps in some cases.

    AFAIK, upnp is not working in double NAT network, so you may describe your topology as well.

  • Dimitrij
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    I only have one router however in my router settings I have 2 UpnP "rules"
  • Sakura_T
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    Have you tried rebooting both devices (NAS and router)?
  • Dimitrij
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  • Dimitrij
    Dimitrij Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    @TY9527 @Dash Any other suggestions?
  • Snow
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    How about just use port forwarding instead? It seems usually to have upnp issue on certain cases, port forwarding is simple and easier.
  • Dimitrij
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    @Snow Can you assist me wit that because I have tried but I haven't been successful with it

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