How Long Should It Take For The AP's To Pull Down Their Initial Configuration

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I have an AP that I've had plugged into the network for about 15 minutes and it is still flashing yellow and green. How long should it take for the AP (NWA210AX) to pull its initial configuration from the cloud?

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  • Zyxel_Joslyn
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    Hi @RGMConsulting

    The longest procedure to let AP be online is around 15 minutes(include change mode, apply configuration, and apply firmware.), and the LED status(flashing yellow and green) means the AP is booting up or it is looking for NCC.
    Please ensure the AP is booting up successfully. (Confirm the AP gets IP address.)
     If the AP is offline, you can refer to the below topic.
    If it still does not help, please provide me the org/site name and enable Zyxel support for me.
    I will check the status.


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