What to do if the AP is offline?

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Reset the AP first. After AP boots up, follow the below steps.
1. Check NCC connection status on NAP GUI.

    a. Ensure that the AP gets IP address successfully. If no IP address, check the DHCP server and environment. Also can use ZON to scan the devices.

    b. Check the Nebula Connectivity status. The firewall rule should allow TCP port 4335 and 6667.

    c. Ensure the AP has been registered to the Nebula.

2. Use SSH to login the AP and show the status as following steps.

    a. Router> show nebula cloud status
    b. Router> show nebula claim status
    c. Router> show nebula internet status
    d. Router> show nebula ethernet status
All of the steps should be successful. If not, please check the environment.

3. Check the clock time. Ensure the date/time is correct.(Use the steps 2 SSH connection.)
    a. Router> show clock date
    b. Router> show clock time
    c. If date/ time is incorrect, check NTP server connection.
        aa. Router> nslookup 0.pool.ntp.org 
        bb. Router> ping 0.pool.ntp.org 

If it still does not help, contact with Zyxel support for the help.
Help > Support request, and create a new case. Please ensure the "Invite Zyxel support as administrator" is on before creating the case.

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