WMP will not install

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I'm using a NSA325. When trying to open a video file on the server It opens up a error message pops up with a URL to install windows media player app.

The link then sends me to a dead page. 

I can't play video files. does anyone have a solution?


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  • Rory
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    You can use Twonky to play your video.

  • MisterD
    I have the same issue basically , I want to play music from my nas from my laptop at work, but when opening the Music app via the NAS Desktop page, I get above "No player installed" and says Windows Media Player is needed,  the link is dead ,  and I'm on Windows 10 (which has Media Player 12 installed) ...     

    Guess Zyxel has some updating to do ... 

    kind regards,
  • danko
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    Does someone has a solution for this? It is abnormal problem for any NAS!!! I want to play files )music, video ...) from other location and from WIN10 computer.
  • Sapphire23
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    Map your NAS to your PC as a drive it's easier for accessing the files.

    Here is a similar topic:

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