Nebula device offline possible reasons

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There are possibilities lead Nebula devices offline on Nebula Control Center.

You may not plug a power cord into your Nebula device(s).

Your device(s) may have a hardware issue or it's faulty.

Your device(s) might have the following network issues:

  1. The device(s) does not get an usable IP address.
  2. The device(s) cannot reach TCP port 4335/6667.
  3. The device(s) cannot synchronize Network Time Protocol(NTP) via UDP port 123.
  4. The device(s) DNS cannot resolve
Use the links to verify if your network allows port 4335 or 6667.
Test port 4335
Test port 6667


  • BigD85
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    Ich kann mich mit meinem NWA50 AX nicht mehr im WLAN verbinden, es blinkt grün rot der Wlan Name ist auch der Standard Name wie kann ich das Gerät wieder verbinden ?

    Bitte um Hilfe

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    Hi @BigD85

    In regards to the issue you have encountered, we kindly request additional information to better understand and address your problem. For more detailed assistance, please refer to our response on the forum:


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