Problem with NAS326

Hi. Today I extracted my two hard disks from my NAS326 to read them via USB 3.0.
I was unable to read them from Windows (hard disks are formatted as GPT).
When I reinserted the discs, I could access the data the NAS began beeping continuously until I removed them.
I tried to update the firmware to the latest version available and now I can't access the files on the disks anymore.
How can I recover my data? Thank you

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  • workinto
    workinto Posts: 44  Freshman Member
    edited March 5
    Not recommend to pull out the disk while NAS power up.It may caused some problem to the disk.
    As I know, it could not read the file via the USB.
    Could you share what is the status of the disk on the NAS now?

  • Fabio64
    Fabio64 Posts: 2
    I removed the disks with the NAS turned off. I inserted only one (the disks are in RAID 1) and I see the 
    base folders of the NAS (admin, video, audio, photos) even with some data inside, but I no longer see the "work" folder
    that I had personally created and where were the other data. I found this guide:!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=013308&lang=EN
    but I'm afraid of losing files following it. What do you mean with "status of the disk on the NAS"?
    Thank you so much!
  • Mijzelf
    Mijzelf Posts: 1,630  Guru Member
    edited March 6
    Have a look in the shares menu to see if you can re-enable the 'work' share.
  • workinto
    workinto Posts: 44  Freshman Member
    If you're able to see the files in the disk, you can check the permission of the file.
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