[ATP/FLEX] How to set up Nebula Monitor Mode?

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Nebula Monitor Mode provides remote SSH, remote Web-GUI,and backup configuration file functions, allowing users to manage on-premise devices more easily. This article will guide you on how to set up Nebula Monitor Mode.

*Please ensure that the on-premise firewall has already been registered on the Nebula account (same as the MyZyxel account) and that the firmware version is later than V5.37.

STEP1. Add an organization and site on Nebula.

STEP2. Navigate to Organization-wide> Organization-wide manage > Organization settings to copy the Cloud Monitoring Mode ID.

STEP4.Navigate to the on-premise firewall GUI Configuration > Mgmt. & Analytics > Nebula to check Cloud Monitoring Mode and paste the Cloud Monitoring Mode ID and click Apply button.

The Status will become Connecting.

Once connect to Nebula successfully and the Status will become Connected.

STEP5. Navigate to Organization-wide > License & inventory and you will find the firewall listed in the device inventory with the device type set to Firewall Monitor only. However, the site will be blank since we haven't assigned a site to this device yet.

STEP6. Change the site assignment for this device.

Choose the desired site and save the changes.

Navigate to Site-wide > Monitor > Devices > Firewall and check the device is in Nebula Monitor Mode.

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