Multy M1 WSM20 AX1800 - satellite slow internet



I have 3x M1 mesh devices named and configured as follows:

Router - This is the "Main" device connected with an ethernet cable directly to my NR5103 internet router.

Squidge - a satellite router in a bedroom, connected via wireless to the Router. Backhaul reports "perfect"

Lounge - another satellite connected via powerline adapters to the "Main Router"

My issue is that the Lounge device offers a very slow connection to the internet in comparison to the other 2 devices, despite it being hardwired (I have also tried it wireless with the same results).

The results of the speed test (shown below) report that the Lounge device can pass data back and forth from the main router at 750mb and the main router can connect to the internet at over 300mb. However the Lounge device will only connect to the internet at around 50mb.

In an effort to troubleshoot, I have swapped the Squidge and Lounge routers over and the issue appears to stay at the lounge location, indicating that it is the location at fault rather than the device.

What can I do to resolve the issue here?


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