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  • Mijzelf
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    Because there is a version 1.3.0 available? Not for your hardware, but I think the update detector doesn't care.
  • indieBen
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    Ok, that was a stupid question haha. I need to figure out how I can bypass this "update needed" thing so I can access my library with my devices.
  • indieBen
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    Any ideas?
  • Hi, somehow cannot get up and running plex server. Did all the above. Plex seemed to be installed by cannot launch. 
    Starting Plex Media Server...failed?
    /i-data/c01b0b12/.PKG/PlexMediaServer/share/PlexMediaServer/home/Plex Media Server: error while loading shared libraries: /i-data/c01b0b12/.PKG/PlexMediaServer/share/PlexMediaServer/home/ internal error

    What could be the issue? 
  • NasTras
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    Replace my NSA320 with a NAS326 after lightning bricked the NSA320. Luckily I found this thread for the new location of the MetaRepository. Installed it successfully and added Entware first.

    Only thing not working is the Pacages list on

    It throws an "

    404 Not Found


    opkg update
    to fix that, but after examining the page it seems the list comes from an iframe with source
    Accessing this page directly, also gives me a 404.
    Is this a known problem?

    Regards, and glad to find my way back to the MetaRepository.
    NAS326 + MetaRepository  + Entware
  • Mijzelf
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    edited August 2019
    Is this a known problem?
    Yes. The webinterface is mainly a static page, containing a brief manual. The 'Packages.html' file is hardcoded, and meanwhile Entware-ng is changed to Entware, and the repo is changed. Entware itself doesn't care, as the changes are pushed to opkg.
    I just didn't bother to upgrade the whole package for this issue. 'opkg list' gives the same information.

  • nestul
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    Thank you very much for this:
    I own a DNS-320
    I have a newbie question:
    What's the difference between these 2 files:
    Can I install any of them in my device or should I stick to arm-0 or arm-1 files?
  • Mijzelf
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    The number after the 'arm' is a revision. In this case the package is mc, it's own version is 4.8.1, it's compiled for arm, and the revision is 0 or 1. Both should work on your box, and I can't remember the difference. Some options which are compiled or not.
  • omegaRED
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    Hello Mijzelf, do you have any idea why the sources in the MetaRepository pkg config page cannot be updated?

    I tried adding the /fw4/ directory to the MetaRepository sources, but after clicking Apply, it just reverts to the previous list of files. Might be a permission/ownership issue i suppose.

    I'm using it on a Zyxel NSA320S with ffp 0.7, trying to install Enware-ng in order to upgrade Samba v2.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Mijzelf
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    If you have ffp, I guess you have shell access. The setting can be found in

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