Firmware V5.36(ABWD.0) issues


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  • huba
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    Same problem as Agor76 and rbc. ATP500 with new firmware 5.36. The issue happens when remote users connect to ATP500 (L2TP VPN). Rebooted the firewall a couple of days ago and it crashed this Monday morning again. Other devices I have(ATP500, 200, FLEX200) with no remote users working fine.

  • lytespeed
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    We are running firmware (ATP200) - 5.36(ABFW.0) and we are also having the issue with a client that uses the VPN heavily. We rebooted the first day thinking it was just a "fluke". We have been through this process 3 times now. We tried to redownload the firmware to the device (on the second firmware) and applied (thinking maybe it was a bad upgrade). Issue is still present.

    We first noticed this because MFA emails were not being sent to the end users and they were able to use their VPN without them. Then we started investigating the configs and the whole UI locks up and you cannot get back in. Cannot SSH and reboot either, has to be a manual power cycle. The end users are also unable to VPN into the device.

    I just called their support line (We are a Gold Level Partner) and informed them of the situation. I am currently awaiting a response from them.

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    Thanks Huba and lytespeed as well everybody else who joined the thread.

    I ran some tests all over the weekend and found out that having an high number of remote vpn users makes the firewall crash on 5.36. As wrote before, no issue on 5.35.

    I can also confirm that 2FA emails are not being sent to the users but at the same time they're able to use the VPN.

    Hope that zyxel will fix this soon


  • alexey
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    Hi all. Same issue on 4.73p1/5.36.

    As i see by logs, the problem in memory leaks. A look in to history data:

    ZW 110 4.73 memory usage

    ZW 110 4.73p1

    On memory usage more 85% device starts hanged.

    USG Flex 50W 5.35 memory usage

    USG Flex 50W 5.36 memory usage

    That shit never ending😥

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    Hi @Agor76 , @noc_aba , @rbc , @Datamail , @alexey , @huba

    We are working on it, will keep update status on this discussion thread.

  • Datamail
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    Four your reference:

    We have downgraded the firmware to 5.32 as the 5.35 and the 5.35 was giving our customer the same problem.

    The downgrade take place the 01/05/2023 a 11h58 and it's working flawlessy since then, but as discussed on the support ticket, we hope to have a firmware that did not cause this problem and have all the lates security issues adressed.

    Best Regards and thanks for your work.

  • mMontana
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    Is there any chance that similar issues are affecting ZLD 4.x devices?

  • raufozturk
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    On both our ATP200 and ATP100 devices, the problems we experience are the same.

    The memory usage for ATP200 is between 40% and 50% despite the downgrade to version 5.32, which still has issues. ATP100 is running on 5.35 and has the same memory usage.

    which version should we use? We're connection two devices with VPN, and connecting after that to RDP.

    Which version should work as before?

  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Status update

    Currently, the fixed firmware is under verification, will keep update status on this thread.

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