VMG3925-B10B drops 5GHz wireless several times a day - HELP!



  • thomaslkjeldsen
    thomaslkjeldsen Posts: 7  Freshman Member
    Great, thank you very much for pointing that out. I will upgrade to the latest firmware and see if that helps.
  • JustPretender
    JustPretender Posts: 6  Freshman Member
    Hi @Zyxel_Support_CPE the behaviour is EXACTLY the same as in my previous posts.
  • thomaslkjeldsen
    thomaslkjeldsen Posts: 7  Freshman Member
    I upgraded last week and since then the 5Ghz wifi has functioned as expected.

    Model Name: VMG3925-B10B
    Firmware Version: V5.13(AAVF.13)C0

    A few comments on the new admin UI.
    a) After login the load-spinner disappears but it still takes 1-2 seconds before the UI finishes loading data into the boxes titled "Connectivity", "WiFi Settings" etc. Meanwhile the default values are displayed indicating no internet connection, wifi disabled. Consider keeping the load-spinner active until data is ready for the boxes.
    b) I can't remember where but I noticed one or two pages where it was not possible to scroll down to the bottom, and the only way to see the last fields at the bottom was to zoom-out (cmd-minus).

    However, overall this firmware looks like a good upgrade. Thanks!
  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi JustPretender,

    Which 5G channel is used when the issue happens? You can login to device and then go to Network Setting> Wireless > General > select Band “5G” to check it.

    In order to clarify if it’s caused by radar signal, can you please help to select channel to ch36/40/44/48 to monitor?

  • kiksu
    kiksu Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    My last comment got deleted and/or hasn't been approved (edited it a few times which resulted in some spam protection), but after upgrading to .13 version yesterday, selecting an appropriate wifi channel (currently 100) and giving the modem a minute or two to do it's scanning that is apparently required by regulations/standards, I have now had the 5GHz network up without issues.

    I noticed that on lower channels, 36-48, there's so much interference with other wifi networks that my 5GHz network would not work at the other end of my apartment even though I got a signal.

    So, anyone who has had issues with the 5GHz network, give the modem some time, 1-10 minutes, before judging if the network is working or not. And, check with some wifi analyzer software how crowded your area is between channels and change it accordingly.

    But for now, whatever issues there were, they seem to have been fixed.
  • SteveD
    SteveD Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    edited July 2019
    Hi, im having the same problem with the 5g dropping. Current Firmware Version:V5.13(AAVF.10)T0

    When i try to update to the latest firmware i get this message.

    Image uploading failed. The selected file is an illegal image. You may press 'Cancel' to upload another firmware image file, or press 'OK' to reboot to recover normal operation.

    Any update on a fix? Thanks

  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
    Zyxel_Support_CPE Posts: 188  Zyxel Employee
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    Hi SteveD,

    The V5.13(AAVF.10)T0 of your device is customized fw so that’s why you cannot upgrade to V5.13(AAVF.13)C0. Please contact with your ISP if you need new version.

  • SteveD
    SteveD Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Managed to upgrade to V5.13(AAVF.13)C0. After 24 hours of the router been on 5G started dropping again. Changing the channel to 100 has caused it to be stable again.
  • Toxiaxia
    Toxiaxia Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Dear Zyxel support,

    i had the 5G issue with the old fw aavf.11.
    after i upgraded fw to V5.13(AAVF.13)C0, the 5G channel always reset to 44 after 1 day or 2, regardless which channel I selected, and 5G network stops working. :-(

    can you try to repeat this issue in lab? We have 2 of this router, both have the same problem.

  • Hikari
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    Hi Toxiaxia

    You mean channel will always jump to CH44? if you set a channel fix to CH36 will also switch CH44?
    And, may I know what kind of stop you mean? Like youtube is watching then suddenly no internet traffic, and never recover back? 

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