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how do i change output channel on multy x?


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    The FAQ basically tells you you're faqd...

    WiFi channel can't be selected manually.

    Multy X automatically chooses the best WiFi channel for the user during booting or when the WiFi configuration is changed. It selects the fastest channel and gives your WiFi clients the smoothest ride they deserve.

    While this is a plug and play solution which will probably work for most people, in my case it's just stuck on 2.4 GHz channel 10, 5 GHz channel 44 and backhaul channel 100 (also on 5 GHz) time and time again, which were exactly the same channels one of the neighbours were using, so we both ended up with bad wifi. A reboot or reconfiguration didn't help. The only solution was to go to my friendly neighbour and ask him to switch channel, because the Multy just can't. It's the only wifi system I have been using which didn't offer manual control, this in combination with the lack of a web interface gives me the feeling the Multy software isn't up to par (especially when compared to the competition). Which is a shame because the hardware looks pretty decent.

  • I have the same problem with my Multy U. It prefers band 2 on 2.4 but there are two other networks at that band. I rebooted the device but nothing chenged so I factory resetted both multies but it was on band 2 again.

    2.4 is free after band 7 but it always prefers band 2 somehow, please add manuel channel selection.
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    Dear Sir,

    We don't have plan to add the Channel selection on the Multy in the future.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
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