Quick Start to create Wireless network with Nebula Control Center

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Hi Zyxel product users,

You’re welcome to use Nebula Control Center to manage your network.

Let’s unboxing the Zyxel Access Point and setup the wireless network.

[NEBULA] What model supports Nebula CC currently?


Nebula provides Mobile APP for user to easily start up the Nebula account, register device, create wireless network. Nebula APP has built-in QR code scanner for adding devices quickly.

[NEBULA] How to register a Nebula account through our new APP?

[NEBULA] What can you do with the Nebula Mobile App?

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For web GUI users, here are the guidance articles.

[NEBULA] How to register a Nebula CC account?

[NEBULA] How to create organization and site on Nebula Control Center?


Register your device on Nebula Control Center for cloud management.

[NEBULA] How to register Nebula devices on Nebula Control Center?


Naming your own wireless network SSID with security settings for it.

[NEBULA] How to create SSID and set security?


More information about the AP status.

[Nebula] How to check the AP status on NCC

[Nebula] What does the LED status stand for on my Access-Point?


What can go wrong?

[NEBULA] What to do if the AP is offline?

[NEBULA] How does Nebula devices communicate with Nebula Control Center?


Enjoy wireless network with Zyxel AP! To configure advanced features with Nebula AP, please check ZYXEL COMMUNITY› NEBULA FAQ› NEBULA ACCESS POINT for further guidance.

Thank you